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Mr. David Persons


...and as the NY Yankees always used to say, "Wait until next year!"  



Spring Semester 2018
World Geography Studies Class       
Hello, and welcome to Rockdale High School and your Freshman year! My name is David Persons, and I teach at Rockdale High School, which is a school with an excellent reputation, excellent leaders and teachers and excellent students. I previously taught 6th Grade World Cultures as well as English and Reading, and have also taught AP and Pre-AP World History, Pre-AP World Geography, Pre-AP Psychology, College Readiness and Physical Education at an Early College High School.
Before becoming a high school teacher I served as an ordained United Methodist minister, and I still retain my ordination credentials as an Elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The vast majority of my time in ministry  was served as a Campus and University Minister and professor on college and university campuses.
In 2010 realized that my calling was in teaching in high school. I went back to college and completed my classwork for a Master of Education at Texas State University  while also earning my teaching certification. I added this to a previous Bachelor's Degree in Humanities from Stephen F. Austin University and a Master of Divinity degree from Texas Christian University.  I tend to bleed purple (Go Horned Frogs....riff, ram, bah, zoo!) and now blue and gold as well. Go Tigers..
I  was also a professional guitar player before attending college (if you search the internet you can find an album I did in 1985), and I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard.
This is an exciting time at Rockdale High School, 3A-1 State Football Champions. You are here to learn, and if you think of that as your primary job here you will learn and do well. Take is seriously, behave in class and learn as much as you can and when you graduate you will be much more prepared for college or to out into the world as a adult. This is your education, and you are entitled to it. Don't think of school as something you have to do, but rather realize that it is something that you have a right to. Don't let anything or anyone deny you that right. Learn all that you can, all the ways you can at every opportunity that you can. School is your opportunity to get the high quality education that you have a right to - that education is one of the most important things that you will ever receive. Every teacher at Rockdale High School is here to ensure that you get the highest quality education possible.  I believe in education and its incredible ability to transform and equip you for the future. Every day at RHS will be a great one if you take your studies seriously !
Learning is a lot of fun  - let's start that journey together right now! It is a journey that never ends.